Porsche 911E softwindow targa


From: 1971 - Engine: 2.2 ltr - Manual transmission

Inventory nr: C180

Porsche 911 E softwindow targa, original colour is slate grey, year 1971 F modell, the car is equiped with a 2,2 Ltr T engine, the engine is rebuild, carburettors are rebuild, new clutch and presure plate, the car is ready to drive, dutch registration, we do not know if this car is an original soft window, it is probably not,  in 1971 the soft window was an option and around 25 cars were equiped with a softwindow.  

Porsche 911E softwindow targa, original farbe ist slate grey, 1971 F model, fahrzeug hat ein 2,2 ltr T motor, motor ist neu aufgebaut, vergasser revisiert, neue kupplung, hollandische registration, auto ist fahrbereit,      

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